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An environmentally sustainable, vegetarian source of Omegas 3 and 6 that boasts a superior nutrient profile. A water soluble, homogeneous, powdered ingredient, it can be easily integrated and/or manipulated, with no unpleasant taste or chemical contamination – opening up entirely new product formulation opportunities. HempOmega’s greater ability to endure the digestive process delivers unmatched bioavailability, thereby maximizing its potential health benefits.

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HempOmega solves these issues and more. Extracted from 100% non-GMO Canadian hemp seeds, Naturally Splendid’s proprietary microencapsulation process transforms omega-rich hemp oil into a homogenous, water-soluble powder that can be added directly into new or existing foods, beverages, cosmetics and nutraceuticals without the negative consequences of marine-based omegas.

Features and Benefits

HempOmega is a dry powder preparation of 30% hemp oil (sourced from high quality, non-GMO seeds).

HempOmega possesses superior organoleptic properties over encapsulated fish oil or flax oil.

HempOmega is manufactured by POS Biosciences in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in a cGMP, HACCP and ISO9001 certified facility.

HempOmega vs. Hemp Seed Oil

In a controlled study, eggs laid by chickens that were supplemented with HempOmega vs. hemp seed oil showed a 637% increase in omega content, a decrease in the amount of saturated fatty acids within their egg yolks as well as a 372% increase in omega content of the chickens’ thigh meat.



White to beige free flowing powder consisting of spherical particles or agglomerates.

Preliminary observations suggest a shelf life of one year when stored in unopened container.

Manufactured with green technologies and without the use of toxic solvents.

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