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Naturally Splendid is committed to providing omega-based ingredients to ensure a better quality of life for humans, pets, and livestock, and works with manufacturers and distribution partners around the globe to provide hemp-based omega ingredients.

Naturally Splendid’s HempOmega has the ability to greatly enhance existing product lines. Its microencapsulating technology can be utilized to create customized formulations, resulting in new, unique products.

HempOmega’s proven advantages
over existing omega EFA sources

Microencapsulation avoids breakdown by stomach acids, ensuring a longer presence of omegas in the body, resulting in unmatched bioavailability.

Significantly longer shelf life is possible due to HempOmega’s unique ability to resist oxidation, delivering increased stability over existing formulations.

No detergents or solvents are needed, and HempOmega is compatible with Flash and UHT pasteurization.

HempOmega’s formulation as a powder is dispersible in water, is easily blended, and can be easily modified with vitamins, flavors, and more.

Possible product categories include functional foods and supplements, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, energy drinks and bars, pet foods, livestock feed, dairy, and dairy alternatives. In fact, the opportunities surrounding HempOmega are virtually limitless.


Consumer demand for omega-enhanced products is skyrocketing – from $25.4 billion in 2011, to an estimated $34.7 billion in 2016, with 43% of the market in North America.

80% of Canadians are said to be influenced to buy a product if it contains omega-3 fatty acids, and 45% of all Canadians have used, or are currently using, omega-3 fatty acids in a natural health product format.

52% of Americans stated that they are attempting to increase omega-3 ingredients in their diets.

The Global Market for EPA/DHA
Omega-3 Products by Category
  • 40% Infant Formula
  • 30% Food and Bev
  • 13% Supplements
  • 9% Pharmaceutical
  • 5% Clinical Nutrition
  • 3% Pet Foods

The Market for Natural Health
Products (NHPS)

According to market statistics, the global functional food and nutraceutical market is growing at a rate outpacing the traditional processed food market, increasing from US$164 billion in 2007 to US $240 billion in 2014.


Canadian companies alone generate about $4 billion in revenues annually.

The Global Market for EPA/DHA
Omega-3 Products by Region
  • 38% North America
  • 36% Asia-Pacific
  • 22% Europe
  • 5% Rest Of World

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